Refresher Advice:

The situation regarding refresher training as changed significantly recently.

As an ITSSAR Accredited training provider it is against the terms of our accreditation to have expiry dates on our certificates for MHE Equipment.

This is because there is no specific law which requires refresher training to be undertaken, rather the emphasis is placed on employers to provide sufficient training as required under section 2 of the HASAWA 1974.

However with the release of the second edition of the HSG 136 The Employers Guide to Workplace Transport Safety in 2005, for the first time the HSE have suggested when they expect refresher training to be undertaken. “You should consider a gap between training and refresher training of 3 to 5 years.”

For some time now many Employment/Recruitment Agencies have only accepted certificates up to 3 years old. As a training provider we have had recent cases of insurance companies refusing to insure any certificates older than 3 years. (Check with your companies Employers Insurance provider to see if they have any time scale within the policy.) On a few occasions we have also provided refresher courses following an instruction from an HSE Officer that refresher training must be undertaken because the certificates he/she have seen are older than 5 years.

In terms of time scale alone as a training provider we would advise refresher training every 3 years. At 5 years we would suggest refresher training should be undertaken with some urgency.

Other factors for refresher training would be:-
Where an operator returns to work following a prolonged absence or for some other reason has not used trucks for some time.

Where an operator’s standard of operation as clearly diminished and unsafe practises have developed or they have been involved in an accident or near miss.